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Deutsche Evangelische Oberschule (DEO) School advertisement

We were asked to make an ad video advertising our school to new teachers and students and their families. The video had to be equally about DEO (our school) and Cairo and it had to have a link to Arabic/Egyptian culture (through music or dance, etc).

I chose to interview one Student, one Teacher and one parent to be able to show the DEO experience from different angles and to make the video relevant to any audience. 

I tried to tell the story of DEO and Cairo through these three characters. 

Grade for assignment: A+


(sorry for the watermark, I will upload one without it soon)

The below presentation was a group assignment for English class. We were discussing science and technology at the time and every group was required to hold a presentation on one of the topics suggested by the teacher or a topic of their choice. Each student had to speak for circa 15 mins.

We chose 'The impact of technology on the arts'.

Since the topic was very broad we decided to discuss the impact of technology on four discipline groups: Literature and publishing, Photography and Video, New media (Computer) Art and Sound and music. We focused mainly on Sound and Music. 

Grade for this presentation: A+


The impact of technology on the arts

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